Get Your Winter Tires Today

Winter is just around the corner and with it will come the poor road conditions we would rather ignore. Despite not wanting to accept the winter snow, ice, and cold it’s important to properly prepare your vehicle for the coming months. In order to decrease your chances of a vehicular accident it is important to switch to winter tires as soon as the temperature begins to drop. Be prepared ahead of time this winter and get your tires changed today at Kelowna Toyota in Kelowna, BC.

How Do Winter Tires Work?

Tires all look pretty similar, however there are some important differences that make winter tires the ideal option for safe winter driving. The compound winter tires are created from has been engineered to remain soft and flexible at low temperatures. While summer and all-season tires lose grip below 7°C due to becoming rigid from losing their flexibility, winter tires remain effective due to the increased concentration of rubber and silica. In addition to the softer compound, winter tires also feature thin slits throughout the surface of the tire called siping. The siping helps push away snow and keep grip on icy roads. Finally, winter tires also have a much more aggressive tread to further enhance traction, which helps make stopping and cornering much more effective and therefore safer.

Winter Tires vs All-Season Tires

The term “all-season” tires is somewhat misleading, more pronouncedly so in Canada, as these tires perform best above 7°C. This performance decreases as the temperature gets colder, even without the additional elements such as ice, slush, and snow. In fact, all-season tires can struggle with wet weather conditions, whereas all-weather tires perform better in harsh conditions than all-season since they remain flexible at lower temperatures. Despite this, all-weather tires are not designed specifically for subzero temperatures, having only moderate performance on ice and snow. For superior grip on the ice and snow Canadian winters are bound to throw our way, changing to winter tires is by far the best option. For the worst winter has to offer, studded winter tires are available. These have holes with metal studs on the surface to enhance traction in even the toughest conditions.

Get Your Winter Tires at Kelowna Toyota in Kelowna, BC

Winter tires are engineered with unique compounds and employ unique techniques such as siping and other tread technologies to provide excellent grip on ice and snow during the winter months. When the slippery roads can make anyone nervous it’s important to have the peace of mind that winter tires provide the best grip, and therefore breaking distances, even on dry roads in cold temperatures. If you’ve never driven with winter tires there’s no better time than now to experience their superiority in Canadian winter conditions. To find the winter tires that are right for your vehicle, visit Kelowna Toyota and we will help you pick out the perfect tires. We are located at 1624 Cary Road, Kelowna, BC, V1X 2B9 or if you have any questions, please call our expert Service Staff at (250) 491-2475.