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Remote Starter Overview

It gets cold in Canada, even in the Okanagan and Kelowna! Once it gets cold, it chills you to your bones. While temperatures don’t drop as far below zero as other cities in Canada, we still get snow and the occasional cold snap. Never get into a cold car again with a remote starter from Kelowna Toyota. We offer the Toyota Start+ system for most new Toyotas and if for some reason your vehicle isn’t supported by the Start+ system or you would prefer an aftermarket options, we will happily provide a list of available aftermarket options that we can install. Be prepared for whatever Canadian winters in BC can throw at you – get a remote starter installed today at Kelowna Toyota.

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Toyota START+ Benefits

The Toyota START+ comes direct from Toyota Canada and includes features built for your Toyota with our unique Canadian winters in mind. The Toyota Start+ remote starter can start your vehicle from as far as 800m or 2,600 feet away, so it doesn’t matter if your vehicle is parked right outside your door or on the other side of the parking lot. Always be assured your car has started with the 2-way communication with light and sound feedback offered by the Toyota Start+ system. A remote starter not only provides benefits in the winter, you also get benefits during the hottest and most humid of days the Okanagan can throw at you. The remote can be programmed with ventilation and air conditioning control, in addition to the auto heating and front and rear defogger – cooling your car down for you before stepping in. The Toyota Start+ Remote Starter system is perfect for any Canadian climate, and provides benefits all year round.

Still on the Fence?

Still not convinced? Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words, and videos are worth even more! View the in depth video on the right from Toyota Canada to see all the features of the Remote Start+ system in action!

About Us

Aftermarket Options

We always advocate Toyota Remote Start+ for Toyota owners because they are Genuine Toyota Accessories that are made to Toyota standards for Canadian winters, install easily and will keep your warranty intact. But, if your vehicle won’t support the Start+ system or you would prefer an aftermarket option for whatever reason, we are more than glad to be able to help to find the perfect remote starter for you.

Install a Remote Starter Today

Whatever your unique needs, we’ll make sure your remote starter fits your lifestyle. Get your remote starter at Kelowna Toyota today. You can find us at 1624 CARY ROAD V1X 2B9 where our expert Service Staff will be able to help you in finding the perfect starter for your vehicle. If you have any questions concerning selection, installation or safety features, give us a call at (778) 764-1976.