Were You Looking For Winter Tires?

Do I Need A Tire Service?

While you might have done some cosmetic tire work to your ride or you’re thinking about preparing your vehicle for the an upcoming winter season with winter tires, have you considered when your next Tire Service might need to be? If you have been driving on your tires for a while without taking a look at their overall health and condition, do it the next time you get to your vehicle. Tires gradually wear down through regular use and after time it’s very worthwhile keeping an eye on things such as tire pressure, tread depth, shape and material condition to maintain good fuel efficiency and vehicle safety.

Check Your Tires to Maintain Safety

To keep you and your family as safe as possible, it is important to check the condition of your tires regularly. Make sure they maintain equal pressure to avoid reduced fuel efficiency and uneven tread wear. Any visible wear and tear on the surface is a good indicator you should have your tires assessed by a professional. It can actually be considered illegal if your tires are too worn down and they have not been changed as it posses a danger to everyone on the road.

Get Your Tire Service at Kelowna Toyota

Our experts are trained to spot what others might not see

Don’t let the roads of Kelowna pose any threat to your busy schedule. Make sure your tires are always in good condition to keep your vehicle operating as safely as possible. For all your tire needs, visit Kelowna Toyota at 200 Leathead Rd, Kelowna, BC V1X 2K4 or give our Service Department a call at (250) 491-2475 to schedule a Tire Service.