Toyota Safety Sense: Safety Shouldn’t Be Extra

March 18th, 2021 by

Your Toyota vehicle comes standard with Toyota Safety Sense – which packs safety features that keep you and your passengers safe while you’re getting where you need to go. After all, no one wants to pay extra for safety?

The newest version of Toyota Safety Sense, Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+ builds upon Toyota Safety Sense 2.5 by improving on already existing features such as the Pre-Collision System with Pedestrian Detection by adding Bicyclist and Vehicle Detection. By using a camera and radar, the Pre-Collision System can help mitigate or avoid accidents with a vehicle or pedestrian by providing visual and auditory/sound alerts, and if you don’t react, the system is designed to help you brake automatically, safely stopping your Toyota.

In addition to all the new features included with Toyota Safety Sense 2.5+, features already included with Toyota Safety Sense include:
Dynamic Radar Cruise Control – which uses radar behind the Toyota emblem in tandem with a camera on the windshield which is designed to help adjust your speed while you’re using cruise control, helping you maintain a safe, preset distance from the car in front of you.
Lane Departure Alert – which utilizes a camera on your windshield that may help you avoid accidents from unintended lane departure by alerting you when you are veering from your lane.
Automatic High Beams – which uses a camera to detect headlights and taillights of vehicles in front of your and automatically switches between high and low beams accordingly.

Your Toyota is helping carry you and the people you care about – your passengers. A little extra safety for no extra cost is a pretty good offer.

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