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Summer vs All Season Tires

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What’s The Deal?

With the return of spring, it is time to give your vehicle its spring maintenance checkup, and to change the tires to ones more suitable for summer driving. Summer tires and all season tires seem very similar, but there are several important differences between them. When choosing which ones to put on your vehicle, you need to consider the weather conditions where you live, as well as your driving habits, as these can make a difference in which tires you choose.

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Summer Tires

Summer tires (or performance tires) are designed for sporty vehicles and high performance driving. They respond quickly and efficiently to changes in direction, whether it be turning a corner or going around a curve in the road, and they brake quickly. Their shallow tread means that they have a lot of rubber gripping the road, which contributes to their quality performance. Summer tires perform well in dry conditions and exceptionally well in wet conditions. However, summer tires can often be more expensive than all season tires, and they can be noisy at times, which can bother some drivers. They only work well when the weather is warm, and once the temperature drops they are not suitable for driving.

Summer Tires Kelowna Toyota

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All Season Tires

All season tires are designed for average vehicles and moderate climates. They perform adequately in pretty much any weather condition and moderate driving habits. All season tires perform well in dry weather, but lose some grip in wet weather. They are more durable and resistant than summer tires. They can stay on when the temperature drops and through the winter if required, but when the roads get icy it is best to switch to winter tires. All season tires have the best quality to price ratio on the market, and are among the most affordable high quality tires.

All Season Tires at Kelowna Toyota

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