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How to Ruin Your Road Trip

Quick Tips to Misery

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Properly Ruining Your Road Trip

Now that the weather is getting warmer and summer is just around the corner it’s time to start planning the family road trip! There are just a few simple steps to ensuring that you have the worst road trip possible. Obviously I don’t suggest that you do any of these things, but rather it is to show how quickly a road trip can go terribly awry.

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Skip The Maintenance

One surefire way to ruin your road trip is to not perform any maintenance on it, otherwise you might spend your road trip on the side of the road. Check the oil if it hasn’t been checked recently, and give the rest of your vehicle an inspection to make sure it’s in top shape for your trip.

Overheat The Engine

Canadian summers can be really hot, so it is important to make sure your vehicle has enough coolant. Coolant is designed to remove excess heat from the engine, so if you don’t have enough coolant your engine will overheat and you will be stranded on the side of the road before long.

Ignore The Speed Limit

It can be easy to cruise down the highway and forget about the speed limit, but when you inevitably get pulled over and given a ticket that can ruin your road trip completely. Don’t let the snow-free roads fool you. Drive safely and within the speed limit, and you will get to your destination soon enough.

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Drive Into Congested Traffic

Unless you are one of those people that enjoys cruising along at a measly 30 km/hour then driving through construction can drive you crazy. Use a smartphone navigation app that will direct you around congested roads and construction zones, and you will arrive much sooner and with your sanity intact.

Don’t Pack Anything

Unless you are going backpacking, trying to fit everything into one backpack or duffel bag is not a good idea. Think carefully about what you will need for your trip, and pack accordingly.

Ignore Warning Lights

If you didn’t perform any maintenance on your vehicle, you shouldn’t expect to see any warning lights come on, right? Wrong! Warning lights are there for a reason: to alert you to a potential problem with your vehicle. Do not ignore them, or make a game out of them, because the repair bill that will come later when you finally get your vehicle fixed will be sure to ruin your road trip.

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